Episode 1.2
Series 01, Episode 02
Episode 1.2
Air Date 28 September 2011
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Episode 1.2 is the second episode of the first series which was written by Jesse Armstrong & Sam Bain and was broadcast for the first time on 28 September 2011.

Summary Edit

Josie catches JP putting his weights in the room occupied by unseen housemate Paul, and tells him she regrets that they slept together. The housemates realise they are in 'social Siberia' so they decide to throw a party, spearheaded by Josie in the hope that she and Kingsley will get together – a plan scuppered when her long-term boyfriend Dave turns up unexpectedly.

JP unsuccessfully tries to impress two of his old schoolmates by inviting them to the party, where he gets stoned and then finds Paul throwing his weights out of the window. Vod gets Howard to pose as her boyfriend to get rid of someone she accidentally kissed in the pub, and Oregon's attempts at cultivating an 'alternative' image are dented by the revelation that she has a car. Geology lecturer Dan's attempts to fit in at the party culminate in him embarrassing himself by throwing up and falling over.