Episode 1.4
Series 01, Episode 04
Air Date 12 October 2011
Previous Episode 1.3
Next Episode 1.5

Episode 1.4 is the fourth episode of the series one of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 12 October 2011.

Summary Edit

As the housemates are drinking and revealing how they lost their virginity, Kingsley shocks everyone with a far-fetched story about losing his virginity aged 12. When she talks to him about it later, he admits to Josie that it was made up and that he is still a virgin, which she tells Vod and Oregon despite promising not to.

When Kingsley finds out, Josie offers to have sex with him as a way of making it up to him (as she plans to break up with Dave), much to Kingsley's delight. Oregon and Tony Shales' affair becomes strained when he books them into a hotel but says he will not be able to stay the night, and Vod finds herself actually enjoying writing an essay after Oregon refuses to let her copy her work anymore.

Before Kingsley can meet up with Josie for their planned encounter, he ends up sleeping with Ruth, whilst Josie fails to break up with Dave, due to him being at a party to celebrate his grandmother's birthday. Neither of them confesses to the other, and they sleep together as planned. JP continues to try and impress his old schoolfriends by obtaining drugs for them, using Howard as a 'wingman'. They continue to shun him and he returns to the house depressed, only to be amused by the discovery that Kingsley has only just lost his virginity.