Episode 1.6
Series 01, Episode 06
Air Date 26 October 2011
Previous Episode 1.5
Next Episode 1.7

Episode 1.6 is the sixth episode of the series one of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 26 October 2011.

Summary Edit

JP is devastated when his emotionally distant father tells him that he recently suffered a heart attack, and Oregon learns that her childhood horse is dying. Vod accidentally overdoses and is taken to hospital where she is told she should enter rehab, but JP talks her into going back to the house instead.

JP, Oregon and Vod decide to take acid, but before the girls can take their tabs JP gets a call saying that his father has had another heart attack and that JP needs to return home. As Oregon and Vod are driving JP home whilst he is high on acid, Oregon's mother calls to say her horse is fading fast. They make a detour to her house where Vod is shocked by Oregon's privileged background, and that her name is in fact Melissa.

An emotional JP sits with the horse and projects his feelings about his dying father onto it. By the time they reach JP's house his father has died. Meanwhile, Josie accepts a marriage proposal from Dave, and competes with Kingsley to write an article for the student newspaper – Kingsley's article about Vod's overdose is printed whereas Josie's piece is not. However, Kingsley opens the "Rejected" folder while at a party at the student newspaper's headquarters, and discovers that Josie's article is titled "When a friend won't listen to good advice" and, realising it is not just about Vod, he tries to call her, though she doesn't hear her phone. Howard asks Lauren, a girl on his geology course, on a date, but this is sabotaged by his jealous friend Brian, leading Howard to end their friendship.