Episode 1.7
Series 01, Episode 07
Air Date 9 November 2011
Previous Episode 1.6
Next Episode 1.8

Episode 1.7 is the seventh episode of the series one of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 9 November 2011.

Summary Edit

Kingsley is dismayed when Dave moves into the house, and further annoyed when Dave wins the other housemates' admiration by fixing the dishwasher. When he complains about Dave's untidiness Josie accuses him of just being jealous because he blew his chance with her, but when she becomes tired of it herself, she suggests Dave stay in Wales until they get married.

JP is in denial about his father's death and goes to see a counsellor just to try to get out of his end-of-term exam, but later decides to take the exam after he bribes Dan to reveal the questions. Vod is in danger of being expelled from her course, and Oregon secretly persuades Tony Shales to increase Vod's grade. Tony Shales' wife Jean Shales, thinks her husband is having an affair with Vod and arranges to meet with her to discuss it. Oregon goes instead and confesses, and is surprised when his wife is happy for the affair to continue.

Brian accosts Howard in the pub and makes a move on Josie, and gets headbutted by Dave after revealing that Josie slept with Kingsley. Dave storms back to the house to confront Kingsley, who is hiding in the bathroom with JP, and finds out that Josie slept with both of them. In JP and Howard's geology exam, JP discovers that Dan lied about the questions. Howard and Brian's friendship is resumed after Brian fakes an urgent note to get Howard out of the exam. The next day, Josie tearfully reveals that Dave has broken up with her, and Vod angrily tells Oregon she knows about the grade change, and tells everyone Oregon's real name and background. Oregon is horrified when Tony Shales turns up on the doorstep and tells her that he has left his wife for her.