Episode 2.1
Series 02, Episode 01
Air Date 9 October 2012
Previous Episode 1.8
Next Episode 2.2

Episode 2.1 is the first episode of the series two of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 9 October 2012.

Summary Edit

It's a new term and the flatmates are back at the house. Josie and Kingsley make peace after their fight the previous term. Vod is skint, and repeatedly asks Oregon to lend her money, while a friend and former classmate of JP's, Giles, has transferred to Manchester Medlock from Exeter, and is staying with him.

Howard, meanwhile, has taken a job in an abattoir, and starts bringing back unused pieces of meat, to the disgust of the housemates. Meanwhile, Paul Lamb, the invisible housemate, has flown the nest, forcing the group to start looking for a new tenant. When Kingsley sleeps with Josie's friend Heather, Josie is hurt.

Meanwhile, JP is distressed to discover that Giles is openly gay, since he had an encounter with him at Stowe. Giles, however, explains that he is not attracted to JP, and the two reconcile. Tony Shales is bitter at being dumped by Oregon, who is taking an internship with his wife, and unsuccessfully attempts to blackmail her into taking him back. Oregon then discovers that Vod is borrowing money from all of the housemates, and the group confront her.

However, she eventually offers items of her own in recompense. JP announces that he wants Giles to become their new housemate, only to discover that they have already rented Paul's room out to Sabine, a Dutch mature student working at the university, and have already given her the key.