Episode 2.3
Series 02, Episode 03
Air Date 23 October 2012
Previous Episode 2.2
Next Episode 2.4

Episode 2.3 is the third episode of the series two of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 23 October 2012.

Summary Edit

There is a potentially lucrative internship on offer from BP, which Howard and JP immediately compete for, but when JP is caught stealing, the representative takes an interest in Kingsley, inviting him to an upcoming BP event. Kingsley is excited, but his relationship with Heather is damaged by her opposition to it.

Howard and JP are jealous of Kingsley, and resolve to get into the event themselves. Josie, still upset over Kingsley's relationship with Heather, moves rooms with Sabine, and gets a job at Vod's hotel, only to get fired. Later, Kingsley decides not to attend the event, after discovering that the image of him on one of their posters has had his soul patch airbrushed out.

He gives his ticket to Howard. Howard, Vod and JP all attend the event, and after Vod impresses the representative, they all look set to get internships. However, Vod stages an anti-BP protest, by standing on a table and spilling oil everywhere. The three of them are ejected. At the house, Josie and Kingsley have their first civilised conversation in a long time, and Josie makes a subtle but impassioned attempt to convey her feelings to him. Before he can respond, Heather turns up and the two reconcile, leaving Josie hurt.

Meanwhile, Oregon's new magazine comes under threat when Jean Shales hires an arrogant new intern to join her team, and she gives him the funding for the magazine Oregon was organising. Desperate, Oregon asks Tony Shales for help, and he eventually finds some funding from the Jewish Society, while finding the university statute necessary to have Oregon's rival magazine closed down. When Oregon thanks Tony, he attempts to persuade her to have sex with him, but she turns him down, leading to an angry outburst from him.