Episode 2.8
Series 02, Episode 08
Air Date 27 November 2012
Previous Episode 2.7
Next Episode 3.1

Episode 2.8 is the eigth and last episode of the series two of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 27 November 2012.

Summary Edit

As the end of the academic year approaches, JP purchases the house, regarding it as his only home now that his old home has been sold and his father is dead, but is distressed to learn that Oregon and Dylan are planning a backpacking trip around the South Americas, Kingsley and Heather are moving into a small bedsit, and Vod is reluctant to stay in a house with him.

Howard, meanwhile, has learnt that Sabine is pregnant with his baby, and adopts a baby pig. However, Oregon is frightened when Jean threatens to tell Dylan about her relationship with Tony Shales at her book launch, and Vod lies to Tony Shales about the actual meaning of the late John Frobisher's "Red Lady," forcing him to rewrite his book. Despite JP's best efforts to unite them, everyone seems to be splitting up.

At the book launch, though, Dylan learns about Oregon's affair with his father, following which Vod reveals the actual meaning of John Frobisher's "Red Lady," effectively leaving his academic career in tatters. Dylan initially decides to stay with Oregon, but after kissing her, decides that it is too weird, and breaks up with her. After learning that Sabine was not pregnant, Howard pours his heart out to her, but is rejected. Devastated, he decides to leave the University, but JP convinces him to stay.

Kingsley, meanwhile, is horrified to learn that Josie, despite her earlier statement that she is staying in Manchester, is transferring to Southampton to study Zoology. While having a conversation later on, the two finally share a kiss, and have sex in an upstairs bathroom.

That night, the housemates party in their house, with Oregon sobbing on the couch. Kingsley, however, is nervous about breaking up with Heather if Josie does not want a relationship with him, and is transferring to Southampton. Josie tells him that it is up to him, and leaves just as Heather turns up, and Kingsley is left in a dilemma. The next morning, as Howard and JP relax in their new hot tub and Oregon and Vod head off travelling, Josie boards her coach to return to Cardiff, but just as it pulls away, Kingsley rushes through the crowd just in time to see it leave, revealing that he has made his decision.