Episode 3.2
Series 03, Episode 02
Air Date 11 November 2013
Previous Episode 3.1
Next Episode 3.3

Episode 3.2 is the second episode of the series three of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 11 November 2013.

Summary Edit

Vod is getting fed up of Javier, but the language barrier and his obvious love for her is preventing her from breaking up with him, and her efforts to find him a job so that he can earn money to return to Mexico all fail. She eventually decides to marry him, so that he can find work legally and she can eventually break up with him. Oregon is shocked by Vod's selfishness, but is unable to persuade her of the potentially heartache she would cause him, and eventually storms off when Vod makes a tactless comment questioning why they're still friends. She attempts to fill the gap by helping Candice with her crush, a boy in her Christian Union group.

Kingsley, meanwhile, is finding it difficult to juggle his relationships with Heather and Josie, since he has to pay rent to both his shared flat with her and his room at JP's house, and has to alternate between the two places when Josie makes the long-distance trip from Southampton to Manchester to visit. It also forces him to struggle through many awkward phone conversations between them. Upon her arrival in Manchester, Josie admits that she is hating her Zoology course and Southampton, and that she would like to move back up to Manchester. Since the only course available to her is Pharmacology, she immediately applies, but is shocked when the course tutor turns out to be Sabine, who makes it clear that she will not support Josie's application, because of her behaviour.

JP and Howard, meanwhile, compete over Sam, the girl that Howard managed to pull in the previous episode. It soon becomes clear that Sam is more interested in JP, but Howard refuses to give up.

At Vod's wedding party at the pub, Oregon eventually realises that Vod means too much to her for her to end their friendship, and comes for the party. Josie invites Sabine, and manages to convince her to support her application. To Howard's devastation, Sam decides to ask JP on a date, but remain friends with him. Heather turns up at the pub, and explains to Kingsley that her grandfather has just died, and she is returning to Hong Kong.She adds that she cannot be in a relationship any more, and formally breaks up with him. Kingsley cannot hide his glee as she leaves.