Episode 3.3
Series 03, Episode 03
Air Date 18 November 2013
Previous Episode 3.2
Next Episode 3.4

Episode 3.3 is the third episode of the series three of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 18 November 2013.

Summary Edit

After Vod's attempt to get rid of Javier by abandoning him in Rochdale fails, Javier becomes fed up with the way she treats him and starts acting cold towards her. Feeling guilty, she attempts to make amends by cooking dinner for him, and admits that she does not want to live with him anymore. He reveals that he is moving in with a workmate, and leaves the house the next day.

Howard devises a plan to defeat JP as a rival for Sam's affections, by organising a team for her charity pub quiz, with JP as captain. JP is initially excited by the prospect of impressing Sam, until he learns that there will be a "captain's only" round at the end, and realises that Howard's plan is to embarrass him.

Oregon, meanwhile, becomes jealous when she interprets Tony Shales' marking of Candice's essay as sexual advances on her and ends up engaging in a game of one-upmanship with her at the quiz.

At the end of the quiz, JP is busted cheating and ends up alienating Sam, while Oregon realises that Shales is not interested in Candice, and Candice learns of Oregon's affair with Shales. Meanwhile, Kingsley and Josie, wanting to make up lost time, go on a camping trip to Buxton over the weekend. There, it becomes clear that Josie is expecting a weekend of alcohol and sex, and Kingsley is hoping to bond with her. In his frustration, Kingsley tells her that he loves her. Shaken, Josie becomes paranoid that Kingsley is trying to force her into a long-term commitment, misinterpreting many of his comments or actions as signs of this. Eventually, she apologises, and admits that she loves him as well, and the two kiss on the bus home.