Episode 3.4
Series 03, Episode 04
Air Date 25 November 2013
Previous Episode 3.3
Next Episode 3.5

Episode 3.4 is the fourth episode of the series three of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 25 November 2013.

Summary Edit

JP convinces Kingsley, Josie and Vod to join him in taking part in a paid medical drug trial, fully knowing that Sam will be there. Vod promptly leaves after discovering the trial has a strict "no narcotics" policy. At the clinic, JP tries to impress Sam with stories from his gap year, and initially appears successful, until he tells one in which a friend of his almost died after being left in the sea off the coast of Durban, thinking it was funny.

Meanwhile Kingsley starts to feel worried about Heather's impending return from Hong Kong, knowing that Josie will want a proper catch-up with her and believes he might have developed testicular cancer due to his guilt. He resolves to tell Josie about his affair with Heather, but cannot bring himself to do it. When his paranoia gets worse, Josie accidentally ruins the trial by revealing who is on the drug and who is on the placebo.

Vod returns to the house to find that Oregon has written a play with characters who are exaggerated fictionalised versions of the housemates. When it is clear Oregon is using this to make herself seem the hero and people have their doubts, Vod agrees to help Oregon and participates in the play.

Elsewhere, Howard's ambition of renting a new book in the library are dashed when he meets a new tough student in the library, and prepares himself for a fight.

Kingsley and Josie attend Oregon's play; afterwards Josie admits she had a drunken fling with a boy in Southampton, and Kingsley, sensing an opportunity, admits to his affair with Heather. Although Josie is upset, she hesitantly accepts what he did, and they agree to move on from it. JP tries to reconcile with Sam after discovering he had no part in the near death of his friend, but discovers she is now with another boy.