Episode 3.5
Series 03, Episode 05
Air Date 2 December 2013
Previous Episode 3.4
Next Episode 3.6

Episode 3.5 is the fifth episode of the series three of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 2 December 2013.

Summary Edit

Vod announces that her mother, Chris (Juliet Cowan), is coming to stay, although nobody can believe she has got one at all. When Chris arrives, she turns out to be sexually promiscuous and an alcoholic who has often neglected Vod. Her alcoholism causes severe mood swings, as she demonstrates when she throws a tantrum because she forgot to buy a duck she wanted to cook, wrecking the house. Vod eventually stands up to her and tells her that she is the result of many of her insecurities, before sending her off the next morning.

Meanwhile, Josie and Kingsley decide to get over the incidents of the previous episode with a "relationship amnesty", in order to wipe the slate clean. Although things go smoothly initially, Kingsley is shaken to learn that Josie fakes most of her orgasms during sex with him, but did not do on the occasions where she had sex with JP. He attempts to remedy the problem by finding a way to make her have one, but Josie admits that the problem is with her, rather than him. They are both shocked after being Chris tells them in a drunken rant that their relationship is doomed.

JP is still nursing a broken heart over Sam's rejection, and has lost his usual confidence and cockiness, becoming placid, quiet, and completely uninterested in Chris's attempts to have sex with him.

Howard becomes obsessed with a book about feminism that Candice gives to him and finds himself in a dilemma, wondering if he should continue to sexually objectify women or be a feminist. When he tells Candice of his problems, she becomes exasperated, and accidentally suggests that he have sex with her, quickly claiming it to be a joke when she realises what she has just said. At the same time, Oregon's play has been poorly received by the local media, but she soon discovers that there was one good review, written by a reviewer with a female name. Oregon tries to find out who wrote it, but is disappointed when she realises it was Tony Shales, using one of his female pseudonyms.