Episode 4.2
Series 04, Episode 02
Air Date 29 February 2016
Previous Episode 4.1
Next Episode 4.3

Episode 4.2 is the 2nd episode of the series four of Fresh meat, which was first broadcast on 29 February 2016.

Summary Edit

A meeting with a university career advisor brings to light how tough it will be for some of the gang to secure a good job in the real world after they finish third year. Josie wakes that same morning to discover she has slept with JP once more, again regretting it. Concerned about who she will be living with next year, she constructs a board of her ideal housemates. Carrying out a series of viewings for the next year, Josie is left seriously unimpressed with the likely prospects, particularly considering their tea-making abilities. A strengthening friendship between her and Howard help him to focus on pursuing a job with Ordnance Survey in the wake of his break up with Candice.

Unable to make plans with Kingsley in their newly blossoming relationship, Rosa reveals her eighteen-year-old son Luca is coming to stay with her but she is unhappy at his decision not to go to university after he leaves school. Ever eager to impress his girlfriend, Kingsley suggests Luca come to the house and talk with the gang in an attempt to change his mind. Despite the odd positive the housemates throw Luca’s way, he refuses to budge, putting into perspective the decreasing value of a degree in the hardship of life on the other side of university. Irritated at this truth and wishing to get back at him, Kingsley reveals to Luca that he is in a relationship with his mother, causing him to lash out.

Reeling in the glee of Rosa’s dismissal and transfer to another university position, Oregon makes the most of her now unrestricted power by overlooking funding to societies. Unimpressed with the current situation, Oregon decides to cut funding to the rugby societies and instead use the money to set up her own poetry prize, with the promise of £20,000 for the winner. A few members of the affected societies then egg her at an empty publicity launch for this prize in retaliation.

Meanwhile, Vod has found a short-term solution to her ever escalating money troubles by getting a job in a local pub. However, the housemates’ constant expectation of free drinks and taunts at Vod’s maturing persona soon begin to wind her up. When confronted by the pub landlord about having been giving away free drinks and faced with the problem of having to cover those costs, Vod caves to her usual hedonistic ways and steals a barrel of beer for the house to enjoy, who do so by making a video to send to Luca portraying this as one activity they indulge in at university. The episode closes with Josie initiating sex with JP, who has skirted around career ideas alternative to those his brother has in mind for him.